Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magnezone World Leadership take over and IBM

Hello Everyone,

Magnezone150 here, with an update of what's going on?!

Magnezone World was hoping to release The Data Center on April 9th but was unable due to the lack of resource becuase our priorities shifted and became focused on live presentations of  "The Data Center".
Due to the success of "The Data Center" Magnezone World will be starting a Video Series Called "The Technoloist" and will be all be completed by the end of April.

Also I Magnezone150 (Anthony Navarro), Is starting my new job as an IT Specialist at IBM Canada and so for the first week or so I will not be able to watch over everything at Magnezone World so I will be passing on my leadership position as a temporary solution until I'm fit to continue as Leader of Magnezone World.

While I'm away I can still be contacted via E-mail at

aside from that Magnezone World will continue to be your number one technology website for discussion.

Thank you everyone, I'll keep you posted on what's going on!

- Magnezone150

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