Sunday, June 2, 2013

Magnezone World with Toastmasters International

Hello everyone,

Magnezone World continues well to achieve it's annual goal as a Technology Non-Profit and has been supporting and sponsoring local events and has become more well own as a great technology reference point for those who are learning computers and/or for those who want to keep themselves up to date with technology.

I'm proud of our progress and now I have an opportunity to keep that momentum going on June 5th. On June 5th, I'll be presenting a speech for Toastmasters about Magnezone World achievements and how it relates me.

With the release of many web episode series including "The Data Center" and our upcoming series "linux time","OS News" and "PC Hardware 101" Magnezone World is expected to achieve much more attention then ever before.

Magnezone World is also going to be appointing more new volunteers to become social media specialists to keep up on the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

As for Magnezone World's official website, New Links will be updated as a great addition to increase our website's popularity and to give credit to great people that will work well according to up to date needed information, these videos will also be categorized by their name and/or topic.

Aside from that it's back to work so thank you everyone and stay tuned for our next blog post or any of our other social media posts for more details

 - Magnezone150

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