Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update & Raspberry Pi Projects

Hello Everyone,

Magnezone150 here with the Raspberry Pi 2.

Magnezone World is currently in production of some videos about this awesome micro-computer and what it can do.

Once Magnezone World completes these videos, tutorials and achieves from these videos will be made available on Magnezone World's Wiki.

Magnezone World may also be ending Season 1 of "Anime;Guild" Video Series since the semester will be coming to an end this month but it's still TBD.

Also I, Magnezone150 (Anthony Navarro) has once again entered myself into another election running for Counsellor in the Ward 1 By-election in the City of Pickering... So Yep I know...

But nonetheless with all the great work cut out for me, All was great and new episodes will be released right before Christmas for "The Technopreneur" and "Technologist News".

Thank you for Reading, We'll Talk Soon!

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