Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Magnezone World's Website and what's up?!

Hello Everyone!

Magnezone150 here ready to tell you what is happening so far,
Magnezone World's Website is starting to look better and better since friends and college peers gave me  input about the site and since I'm the only one developing Magnezone World's Site it is tough to catch up and complete it or edit it fast but it's looking great and it's a nice simple site.

Check it out! www.magnezoneworld.ca

Also Magnezone World's Start date for Debate and Monthly meeting time is March 8th, just two days from now too.

Also I'm getting considered and being offered a job with IBM, so That's been getting me all busy so still no new videos but I will upload one soon since I'm currently still filming a video about printing and review various printers on all popular operating systems so it'll be up soon as well as Magnezone World Update videos covering Magnezone World's progress and changes to it's rules and structure.

So Quite a bit going on!

Nonetheless I'll keep you posted and Thanks Everyone!

Feel free to contact us or connect with us