Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update & Raspberry Pi Projects

Hello Everyone,

Magnezone150 here with the Raspberry Pi 2.

Magnezone World is currently in production of some videos about this awesome micro-computer and what it can do.

Once Magnezone World completes these videos, tutorials and achieves from these videos will be made available on Magnezone World's Wiki.

Magnezone World may also be ending Season 1 of "Anime;Guild" Video Series since the semester will be coming to an end this month but it's still TBD.

Also I, Magnezone150 (Anthony Navarro) has once again entered myself into another election running for Counsellor in the Ward 1 By-election in the City of Pickering... So Yep I know...

But nonetheless with all the great work cut out for me, All was great and new episodes will be released right before Christmas for "The Technopreneur" and "Technologist News".

Thank you for Reading, We'll Talk Soon!

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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day & YouTubeVideos

Hello Magnezone World Members,

Happy Remembrance Day! Lest we Forget our Veterans & all serving in Canada's Armed Forces.
As I sit here in one of my work offices in Toronto, I can hear the bagpipes outside as they prepare for a remembrance day ceremony starting in an hour then later in the afternoon I have to meet with Anime;Guild Members for an event to record another Anime;Guild Episode.

Magnezone World is re-investing into our YouTube Channel maintained and run by myself Magnezone150, What's great is the opportunities that we've been given to continue production and creation of new content.

Magnezone World will be working on all kinds of video series starting with "The Technopreneur","Anime;Guild","Product Reviews" as well as preparing videos for one of my businesses AJN Technologies and for my political channel.

Will check back and update you.

Thank you and talk to you soon,


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Linux Tutorials

Linux has become the largest, most popular and most collaborative operating system in the world.
There is more demand for Linux Pros more than ever and now with Ubuntu planning and going for the PC, Tablet and Phone market along with the dominant Android with 850,000+ devices being activated every day it's no wonder Linux Pros are in more and more demand never mind the fact that even the International Space Station uses Linux.

If you need to review or learn linux let's get started now with over 100 Linux Mini Lessons/Links which include Basics, Advanced Command Line, Server Maintenance as well as Distro Reviews.


- Magnezone150

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Magnezone World Website Changes

Time For Change!

Relax, it's not a generic statement it's actually an action plan for Magnezone World and it's website.

To be Brief: magnezoneworld.ca is now under getting a few changes to make page navigating more simple and tutorial pages more organized.

Magnezone World has needed an update for a long time and so now is the time.

Nonetheless Talk to you soon everyone!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Magnezone World Update/Finance Report

Hi Everyone,

Magnezone150 here and let me tell you a lot has happened since my last post.

Running a first time Political Campaign for the Green Party, The party of the Future, Ended my 16 month term at IBM Canada started AJN Technologies which also assisted with other local business start-ups which also means good bye to my part time at Staples which I've served for over 5 years. Continuing my studies to become an official Computer technologist and I was elected to become president of the Computer-Networking Student Society at Centennial College.

With all that said, All is going very well.

What's in it for you? Why does knowing this do for you? Now why does Magnezone World have Odin the Server?

Well for starters, you'll know that Magnezone World will continue running under my teams leadership regardless of my life decisions and that it's in good hands.

Secondly with AJN Technologies business it also means more awesome opportunity to make new connections, save on expenses and get more detailed tutorials and thanks to Odin it will virtually cost us nothing to continue hosting magnezoneworld.ca and keep track of current data required to keep us going as an organization.

Lastly, Magnezone World has earned over $2000 in the past couple of years most of which came from generous supporters like you towards it's goal to provide tutorials, insider info and assist with local community projects, charity and assisting young people with business start-ups or assisting those who want a job or connect with the IT Industry. So Thank you everyone and keep being awesome because we most definitely will.

Enjoy These Stats from Odin and Talk to all soon.

- Magnezone150

Magnezone World Stats:

90% of all Magnezone world volunteers have gotten 1 or more jobs since they've started volunteering with us and the other 10% are dedicated to their studies.

Since 2012
$300 went to sick kids foundation from sponsoring LANWAR 7
$150 Spent to attend Linux Con 2013 in New Orleans
$1000 Spent on Purchasing Equipment including Odin
$50 went to assisting local software freedom events
$150 went towards assisting local business start-ups
$350 was spent on food and general transportation expenses
$100 Web hosting/Domain Expenses now reduced to $15 per year thanks to Odin.

Keep it up Team.

Connect with us today: magnezoneworld.ca/marketing

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Orleans and LinuxCon

Hello Magnezone World Members and Guests,

I'm going to make this sweet and simple as I prepare and get some sleep for Day 1 at CloudOpen/LinuxCon 2013.
I am very glad to be here representing all of you and I am spending time with my parents all at the same time.
It's something that you may not always hear very often but it is simply awesome, especially when a vacation is needed.
Magnezone World has been a great success since it began in August 2007 and now has gone international.
I'm proud of my volunteers and many of their efforts that they've contributed to make this organization push forward and to make my trip possible.
Also I've learned a lot about New Orleans and it's great history and as a big player in the 1800's until now as well as it's great arts and strong party attitude similar to Montreal.
As for LinuxCon, Today was Early Registration so I could beat the line ups tomorrow and to get straight to business!
With that I leave you this message, Being forward thinkers and having a great attitude are the first steps for fuelling the future and that is something Magnezone World has in common with Linux and I'll talk to you all soon.

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Magnezone World with Toastmasters International

Hello everyone,

Magnezone World continues well to achieve it's annual goal as a Technology Non-Profit and has been supporting and sponsoring local events and has become more well own as a great technology reference point for those who are learning computers and/or for those who want to keep themselves up to date with technology.

I'm proud of our progress and now I have an opportunity to keep that momentum going on June 5th. On June 5th, I'll be presenting a speech for Toastmasters about Magnezone World achievements and how it relates me.

With the release of many web episode series including "The Data Center" and our upcoming series "linux time","OS News" and "PC Hardware 101" Magnezone World is expected to achieve much more attention then ever before.

Magnezone World is also going to be appointing more new volunteers to become social media specialists to keep up on the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

As for Magnezone World's official website, New Links will be updated as a great addition to increase our website's popularity and to give credit to great people that will work well according to up to date needed information, these videos will also be categorized by their name and/or topic.

Aside from that it's back to work so thank you everyone and stay tuned for our next blog post or any of our other social media posts for more details

 - Magnezone150

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