Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Magnezone World Update/Finance Report

Hi Everyone,

Magnezone150 here and let me tell you a lot has happened since my last post.

Running a first time Political Campaign for the Green Party, The party of the Future, Ended my 16 month term at IBM Canada started AJN Technologies which also assisted with other local business start-ups which also means good bye to my part time at Staples which I've served for over 5 years. Continuing my studies to become an official Computer technologist and I was elected to become president of the Computer-Networking Student Society at Centennial College.

With all that said, All is going very well.

What's in it for you? Why does knowing this do for you? Now why does Magnezone World have Odin the Server?

Well for starters, you'll know that Magnezone World will continue running under my teams leadership regardless of my life decisions and that it's in good hands.

Secondly with AJN Technologies business it also means more awesome opportunity to make new connections, save on expenses and get more detailed tutorials and thanks to Odin it will virtually cost us nothing to continue hosting magnezoneworld.ca and keep track of current data required to keep us going as an organization.

Lastly, Magnezone World has earned over $2000 in the past couple of years most of which came from generous supporters like you towards it's goal to provide tutorials, insider info and assist with local community projects, charity and assisting young people with business start-ups or assisting those who want a job or connect with the IT Industry. So Thank you everyone and keep being awesome because we most definitely will.

Enjoy These Stats from Odin and Talk to all soon.

- Magnezone150

Magnezone World Stats:

90% of all Magnezone world volunteers have gotten 1 or more jobs since they've started volunteering with us and the other 10% are dedicated to their studies.

Since 2012
$300 went to sick kids foundation from sponsoring LANWAR 7
$150 Spent to attend Linux Con 2013 in New Orleans
$1000 Spent on Purchasing Equipment including Odin
$50 went to assisting local software freedom events
$150 went towards assisting local business start-ups
$350 was spent on food and general transportation expenses
$100 Web hosting/Domain Expenses now reduced to $15 per year thanks to Odin.

Keep it up Team.

Connect with us today: magnezoneworld.ca/marketing