Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Leaders preparation

Hello Everyone!

As Magnezone World begins to expand rapidly, The need for restructuring becomes necessary.

Restructuring means that Magnezone World will need to add/remove departments of our bureaucracy structure to allow more volunteers to specialize in one area of contribution for easier management and to improve overall performance of becoming a more successful organization.

It has always been the structure of choice for Magnezone World since our inception back in August 2007.
Basically, Magnezone World will be preparing to accommodate more specialized volunteers.

We Thank all you for your contribution regardless of how much.
Magnezone World also would like to thank our current and new volunteers under going training as well as our awesome management.
But remember we are not done yet for it is just the beginning of a new era of awesomeness for Information Technology.

Nonetheless, for any questions or concerns or to simply connect with us; there are many ways including:
E-mail (
Facebook Magnezone World
Twitter #MagnezoneWorld
Instagram  Magnezone150
Skype magnezone150
My Opera magnezone150 and Magnezone World

As well as Google+ and here on Blogger

Thank you for your time and interest,

   - Magnezone150

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