Thursday, January 31, 2013

Magnezone World Update

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to 2013 and say hello to Febuary as we finish the first month of 2013.

Let me tell you, Magnezone World has been gaining awesome ground in the Information Technology Department, gained popularity and Volunteers; Thank you Everyone and Keep up the great work!

Nonetheless, Magnezone World is also currently working on a lot of projects and has had a lot of restructuring since the beginning of Magnezone world's jump to other social media sites and local participation.

Also Management and I are have added new laws to MZW's Rule book including

  1. The Pokemon Ocean Act (New Administration in 2013) = Copyright Law
  2. Green Image Act (New Administration in 2013) = Openness, Transparency, Leadership accountability Law 
Product Reviews and videos for Basic Photographyand the Hp 2510 Printer with different OS coming soon.

Youtube Version of this Update will be available soon also.

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Talk to you soon,

      - Magnezone150 
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