Thursday, October 4, 2012

Preparation and Asus' Return!

Hello everyone,

Another day closer to Pokemon Black and White Version 2.
It is also another day to prepare for pokemon tournaments which might start in January in Ann-Arbor, MI.
The same place where Magnezone World Member Charles May Took on Xerxes a year ago.

Aside from that: A new video about Asus X53U-SH11-CBIL is coming soon since it had returned from Asus repair center in Markham, ON.
The Verdict of it´s issue by Asus was that it was Power related so by just looking at it; they had replaced the PSU and made some minor fixes to the Motherboard and Restored Windows on the Laptop.

So, Asus is back and Ubuntu 12.04 LTS has been restored to it; So Stay tuned for more linux Videos, coming soon.

Also Other Technology Videos Coming soon include ´PirateBox´ to´LibraryBox´ using and hacking a TP-Link MR-3020 3G Nano Router.

Nonetheless Stay Tuned to Magnezone World for more Cool Blog info and Videos!!

- Magnezone150

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